IQF - frozen fruits and vegetables

Under IQF technology (Individual Quick Freezing) or “shock freezing” products are fast frozen, thus preserving all their taste and useful qualities.

The difference between ordinary and IQF freezing is the size of the crystals formed during the process. During normal freezing crystal is too large, it destroys cell walls, causing leakage of the internal liquid, thereby the texture, nutritional value and taste are spoiled.

The most common method is fluidization freezing. In fluidization devices the product, being in limbo, is frozen in a cold air stream. Air is supplied through a special lattice in the cargo compartment at a speed that causes the phenomenon of “boiling.” Freezing Time in this device is only 8-15 minutes – depending on the particle size of the product.

Shock freezing blocks all negative processes that occur in fruits after harvesting. That is why frozen fruit are always more useful than “fresh”. Because fruits are collected at the time of its ripeness, when contain the greatest number of useful substances. IQF fruits do not require pasteurization or any additional preparation – they are always ready for use.