Puree – is a mass of mashed fruits or berries, freed from seeds, stalks, twigs and other inedible parts of fruits. Fruit puree is produce from various raw materials of one or more species.

To produce purees good-quality fruit and vegetable products are used which contains the maximum amount of pectin, organic acids, soluble dry matter.

Traditional production process of puree includes washing, inspection, mealting, rubbing and conservation. The main purpose of thermal processing – softening of fruit tissue to facilitate following rubbing operation, inactivation of plant material enzymes.
Tissues of the fruit are softening as under the influence of heat and acids containing in the fruit, occurs hydrolysis of protopectin located in the medial layers and cell walls. Strong links between cells are disrupted, some cell walls crumbling, the tissues softens.

After sterilization puree is packed in aseptic bags placed in metal drums or containers.

Puree is used in the food industry for manufacturing of various products which have dense or jelly-like consistency (pastries, juice, milk and other products).