The concentrated juice production is the key business line of T.B. Fruit Group of Companies. The company owns six plants for production of concentrated and not-from-concentrate juices, fruit purees, frozen vegetables and fruits and also a plant with the production of pectin.

The total capacity of T.B. Fruit processing plants amounts 700 000 tons of fruits and vegetables per year.

The company invests significant funds in the modernization of existing facilities by implementing more efficient technologies.
T.B. Fruit Development Program envisages construction of new facilities (or acquisition existing ones) in the center of raw areas because really high-quality product can be obtained only on condition that from the gathering to processing passes no more than one day.


High-tech lines

T.B. Fruit plants are equipped with highly technological lines and nodes from leading producers: Bucher, Boema etc. Projects for modernization and expanding of production are implemented every year

Water Purification System

One of the most important factors that influence the quality of production is water. At all stages of production we use water that has passed four-stage purification (sand filter, ion-exchange resin, carbon filter, reverse osmosis)

Ideal conditions for storing products

Cooled products are stored in stainless steel tanks with a capacity of 100m ³ each in a clean, dry place at a temperature of 0 to 10 C, without sudden temperature fluctuations and without access of direct sunlight.

Modern aseptic storage facilities for manufactured products have been made. The total storage capacity is 50 000 tons

The closed-cycle production

Closed production cycle is implemented on T.B. Fruit plants: fruit husks are recycled into biofuel thanks to what the manufacturing process does not use natural gas.

Also, for the energy needs of enterprises, timber waste products are used

Scheme of production

Quality control system

One of the basic principles of T.B. Fruit group of companies activity is a principle of high quality of every product and every service, produced or rendered by our companies. So we carefully monitor the quality of our products. For this reason we have a Quality Management System based on HACCP principles, introduced into production process.

The Quality Control Department monitors the compliance of produced goods with the standarts  and processes indicators at all production stages – since incoming inspection of raw materials to finished products uploading. The products safety and authenticity indicators are being examined at internal laboratories, as well as external located both in the Ukraine and the European Union states, accredited in accordance with national and international standards.

In the course of business the companies are ruled by the laws of Ukraine and other countries, as well as the requirements of the BRCGS (the international standard for food safety), A.I.J.N. (the Association of Juice Producers of the European Union), and others. They are a systematic approach and multi-stage control that provide high quality of our products and appropriate safety assurances.

Taking into consideration that geography of our products distribution is constantly expanding, there is a need to meet specific requirements of our clients. That is why we also have collected a certificate of compliance with Kosher, HALAL rules.