About the Company

T.B. Fruit is a vertically-integrated group of companies with the closed production cycle (raw material growing – processing – transportation).

The Group includes its own orchards, 8 plants for processing fruits and vegetables (Ukraine, Poland, Moldova) and also transportation-logistics and engineering businesses.

Today T.B. Fruit is the leader of Ukrainian market and the third largest producer of concentrated juice in Europe.

Our values

Quality in Everything

The fundamental principle of our company. Quality in everything – in production, service rendering and business processes implementation


A continuous introduction of cutting-edge technologies and updating of equipment


The usage of raw materials grown in the regions with no industrial production and strict compliance with the horticulture ecology


The maximum rate of interaction between customers and partners

Development and Dynamics

Thanks to the constant movement forward, improvement, search of new opportunities and bold ideas realization we achieve more


Foundation of logistic company Tank Trans in Horodok (Lviv Region)

Formation of the company Yablunevy Dar

The purchase of the concentrate juice production plant in Gorodok town (Lviv region) with the equipment of 1962 year of manufacture.

Reconstruction of the plant in Gorodok. The modern equipment installed – presses, vacuum-evaporator installation and ultrafiltration.

Purchase of the fruit processing plant in Zatyshshya village (Kharkiv region).

A new plant in Solobkivtsi (Khmelnytsk region) built.

Production capacities at the plant in Gorodok increased.

A complete update of presses at the plants in Gorodok and Solobkivtsi.

The puree production line launched at the plant in Gorodok.

The waste recycling technology introduced – all the enterprises of the company switched to the closed production cycle.

Start of the project for developing horticulture. The first 35 hectares of orchard areas planted.

The plant in Dwikozy (Poland) purchased, its production facilities doubled.

The total storage capacity increased to 20 000 tons.

T.B. Fruit Management Company established.

NFC-juices production for the end-consumer started under Galicia trade mark.

A new plant for concentrated juice production in Lypovets (Vinnytsia region) built.

The plants in Remeniv (Lviv region) and Nova Ushytsya (Khmelnytsk region) purchased.

Construction and launch of a new fruit processing plant in Annopol (Poland).

Opening of T.B. Fruit Company in Moscow (Russia).

Beginning of the plant construction in Edinet (Moldova).

The engineering of the plant in Mohelnytsya (Poland).

The start of the project on the energy willow growing for own requirements.

Increasing of productive capacity of the factories in Annopol (Poland) and Lypovets (Vinnytsia region)

Increasing the number of planting the fruit trees (apple, cherry)

Launching the production of new range of juices and nectars (Filvarok™)

Increased area sown fields and 350 hectares of carrots and 70 hectares of red beet

Built and launched a new fruit processing plant in the city. Yedynets (Moldova).

Establishment of the company T.B.Pack LLC for production of wooden pallets

Opening of the company T.B. Fruit North America, LLC in the USA

Launch of vegetable processing equipment with the capacity of 500 tons per day

Beginning of the factory construction in Brzostowiec (Poland)

Construction of a new pectin production site in Horodok (Lviv Region)

The capacities of production plant in Moldova have been increased by two times

The production of T. B. Pack company has been expanded

Launch of pectin production

New T. B. Fruit Headquarter has been constructed


Nowadays T.B. Fruit is an unquestionable leader of the Ukrainian market and one of the largest fruit and berries processing companies in Europe.



3500 ha

orchards and field area




tank trucks

1 000 000 t


50 000 t


30 000 t


25 000 t


10 000 t


7 000 t


5 000 t


5 000 t


5 000 t


5 000 t


5 000 t



Development of Horticulture

Increasing the number of plantations of fruit trees, barries and vegetable growing

Increase in Capacity

Increasing the capacity of existing (Lypovets, Annopol) and construction of new plants (Poland)

New types of products

Developing andi ntroducing new types of products for the end-consumer (TM Galicia, etc.).

Alternative Energy

Cultivation of energy willow and transferring Group’s enterprises solely on ecological energy

Geographic expansion

Expansion into new markets in Europe and Asia

Creating new workplaces

Development of the industry as well as infrastructure of the cities where we operate



Taras Barshchovskyy

Founder of the T.B. Fruit Group of Companies

The real business always carries in itself  certain idea. By themselves, the money are not worth much. They serve rather as an indicator of importance, as measurement of your place among the competitors. T.B. Fruit has its own idea. We aim to restore a culture of horticulture in Ukraine, and more – to restore people’s faith in juice: natural, qualitative and genuine … as nature itself.

Dr. Roman Zuzok

Vice President Sales & Corporate Development

Oleg Mochaliuk

Production Director

Andriy Shpuk


Andrian Artsyshevskyy

Administrative Director