In partnership with nature we are creating what is the best for the people,
because we keep what is the most valuable – the naturalness.

A close location of the raw material base is of great importance. That is why the horticulture development is one of the strategic areas of T.B. Fruit activity. The presence of own raw material base makes it possible not only to reduce dependency on third-party vendors, but also to expand the range of manufactured products.

In 2010 the Group engaged in the cultivation of agricultural products.
Over the few years a separate project for the development of horticulture has grown to a modern agricultural enterprises, which grows ecologically pure fruits and berries using the best practices in the horticulture field.

In 2012 the first crop of strawberries was harvested, in 2013 apple and cherry orchards started to fructify.
Grown fruits are used not only for the production of juices, but also are delivered fresh to the end-consumers.






buriakRed Beets

3500 ha